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kidsblock Introduction

Based on Scratch3.0, Kidsblock graphical programming is an editor with secondary development aiming to enable students to understand the fundamental concepts of programming.

Through the comprehensive projects learning, kids will have an in-depth understanding of logical content, such as conditions, functions, linked lists, etc.. In the same breath, it can help children learn efficient problem-solving methods of thinking (abstract, model, algorithm, decomposition) --- programming thinking.

Besides, to prevent children from focusing on the use of tools when learning, the software is combined with a graphical editor and code visualization. Languages and tools are diverse, yet programming is inter-operable. In the application of this software, the training of programming thinking is the core element. Hence, learning the way of thinking efficiently can not be limited to the tool itself, but it can pave the way for future life or for advanced programming languages.

kidsblock Hardware Support

Hardware Support Programming Language Support Realtime Support
Arduino Series graphical, Arduino C/C++ Yes
Micro:bit V1/V2 graphical, MicroPython Yes
ESP8266 graphical, Arduino C/C++ No
ESP32 graphical, Arduino C/C++ Yes

Based on learning and application, it simplifies code through graphical building blocks to make learning and understanding much easier. What's more, source code is displayed on the right during the whole process, so you can also learn the underlying code.

In addition to graphics, it also supports Arduino and MicroPthon. Common hardware support: Arduino series, Micro:bit, ESP8266, ESP32.